Tour to Sa Calobra

A tour to Alcudia in Mallorca

Sa Calobra is a Spanish Township in the municipality of Escorca on the island of Mallorca. It is located in the Sierra de Tramontana and is both tourist center which takes its name from a small village that was in the vicinity . The cove is the mouth of the Torrente Pareis , formed by boulders and which is one of the few accesses to the sea to be found in the Sierra de Tramontana . In 2003 , for the interest that represents its fauna and flora, where more than 300 species are found , was declared " Natural Monument " by the Government Balear.

For thousands of years the water coming down the Torrent de Pareis has been excavating the bed through which runs until reaching the sea. At this point the difference is so high that the mouth of the river and creek Sa Calobra are surrounded by high cliffs exceeding 200 meters. A fact which makes it an open-air auditorium and once a year, in summer, is celebrated around the familiar " Concert de Sa Calobra ".

Counted from the city of Palma , there is more than eight hundred intricate curves in the road to this spectacular resort. The most famous of them is called Knot Tie, where the road passes under itself in a bold tie.

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